Computer Power Capsule PDF IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB Officer Scale & Office Assistant – Chap 08

Computer Power Capsule PDF for IBPS Clerk & SBI Associate Clerk Exams (Chap -08)-Important for IBPS Clerk, PO, and IBPS RRB officer Scale & Office Assistant exam 2019
26. When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off – secondary storage device
27. The drafts folder retains copies of messages that you have started but are not yet ready to send
28. You can refine a search by providing more information and the search engine can use to select a smaller more useful set of results
29. The contents of memory are lost when the computer turns off
30. The tab row enables you to simultaneously keep multiple web pages open in one browser window
31. A DVD is an example of an optical disc
32. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in excel is called a – cell
33. Formatting is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors
34. Which ports connect special types of music instruments in sound cards? –MIDI
35. The process of transferring the files from a computer on the internet to your computer is called – downloading

36. Computer and communication technologies such as communication links to the internet that provides help and understanding is the end user is known as – FTB
37. Which of the following is contained on chips connected to the system board and is a holding area for data instructions and information? – memory
38. To reload a web page, press the button – refresh
39. Mobile commerce is best described as – buying and selling goods/services through wireless handheld devices
40. Video processors consist of CPU and memory which store and process images
41. The main circuit board of the system unit is the control unit
42. Installation is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk.
43. Nanosecond is billionth of a second
44. When the pointer is positioned on a hyperlink, it is shaped like a hand
45. The computer abbreviation – KB usually means – kilobyte
46. Connection or link to other documents of web pages that contain relate information is called – hyperlink
47. An animation is a special visual and audio effect applied to PowerPoint to text or content
48. The following is a programming language for creating special programs like apples – Java
49. The piece of hardware that converts the computer’s digital signal into an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called an enterprise
50. Personal computers can be connected together to form a network
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230 Banking & Financial Abbreviations for SSC, IBPS & SBI

230 Banking & Financial Abbreviations for SSC, IBPS & SBI – IBPS7 team is publishing full list of abbreviations. It may be asked in upcoming exams i.e. SSC, IBPS, SBI etc . These abbreviations contain banking, financial, institutes name, committee and more. You can check out previous papers of IBPS clerk exams where 3& 4 questions were asked related to this topic. You should be read all banking terms and other short forms for IBPS & SBI exams. You can also download this matter in PDF. You can also visit “Banking GK Power Capsule & previous year papers of clerk.”

You can also download in PDF at –

List 2- For Deep Study
 Check out 230 abbreviations for deep study. It is important for banking exams & interviews i.e. IBPS clerk, SBI clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Associate banks PO & clerk.
1.     ACF -Auto-Correlation Function
2.     ADB -Asian Development Bank
3.     ADR American Depository Receipt
4.     AFS Annual Financial Statement
5.     AIRCSC All India Rural Credit Survey Committee
6.     ARIMA Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average
7.     AFS Available For Sale
8.     ASSOCHAM Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
9.     ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
10.                        ATM Automated Teller Machine
11.                        BIS Bank for International Settlements
12.                        BoP Balance of Payments
13.                        BPSD Balance of Payments Division,
14.                        BSCS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
15.                        BSR Basic Statistical Returns
16.                        CAD Capital Account Deficit
17.                        CAG Controller and Auditor General of India
18.                        CDBS Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
19.                        CFRA Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
20.                        CGRA Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
21.                        CP Commercial Paper
22.                        CPI Consumer Price Index
23.                        CPI-IW Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
24.                        CR Capital Receipts
25.                        CRAR Capital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
26.                        CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
27.                        CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
28.                        CSO Central Statistical Organisation
29.                        CVC Central Vigilance Commission
30.                        DAP Development Action Plan
31.                        DBOD Department of Banking Operations and Development
32.                        DCB Demand Collection and Balance
33.                        DCCB District Central Cooperative Bank
34.                        DCM Department of Currency Management, RBI
35.                        DDS Data Dissemination Standards
36.                        DEIO Department of External Investments and Operations
37.                        DESACS Department of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services, RBI
38.                        DGBA Department of Government and Bank Accounts, RBI
39.                        DGCI&S Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
40.                        DI Direct Investment
41.                        DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
42.                        DMA Departmentalized Ministries Account
43.                        DRI Differntial Rate of Interest Scheme
44.                        DSBB Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
45.                        ECB External Commercial Borrowing
46.                        ECGC Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
47.                        ECS Electronic Clearing Scheme
48.                        EDMU External Debt Management Unit
49.                        EEA Exchange Equalization Account
50.                        EEC European Economic Community
51.                        EEFC Exchange Earners Foreign Currency
52.                        EFR Exchange Fluctuation Reserve
53.                        EPF Employees Provident Fund
54.                        EXIM Bank Export Import Bank of India
55.                        FCA Foreign Currency Assets
56.                        FCCB Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
57.                        FCNR(B) Foreign Currency Non-resident (Banks)
58.                        FCNRA Foreign Currency Non-resident Account
59.                        FCNRD Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable Deposit
60.                        FDI Foreign Direct Investment
61.                        FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act
62.                        FI Financial Institution
63.                        FICCI Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
64.                        FII Foreign Institutional Investor
65.                        FIMMDA Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
66.                        FISIM Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
67.                        FLAS Foreign Liabilities and Assets Survey
68.                        FOF Flow Of Funds
69.                        FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment
70.                        FRA Forward Rate Agreement
71.                        FRBM Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003
72.                        FSS Farmers’ Service Societies
73.                        FWG First Working Group on Money supply
74.                        GDP Gross Domestic Product
75.                        GDR Global Depository Receipt
76.                        GFD Gross Fiscal Deficit
77.                        GFS Government Finance Statistics
78.                        GIC General Insurance Corporation
79.                        GLS Generalized Least Squares
80.                        GNIE Government Not Included Elsewhere
81.                        GPD Gross Primary Deficit
82.                        HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation
83.                        HICP Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
84.                        HUDCO Housing & Urban Development Corporation
85.                        IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
86.                        IBS International Banking Statistics
87.                        ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research
88.                        ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
89.                        ICMR Indian Council of Medical Research
90.                        IDB India Development Bonds
91.                        IDBI Industrial Development Bank of India
92.                        IDD Industrial Development Department
93.                        IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development
94.                        IFC International Finance Corporation
95.                        IFCI Industrial Finance Corporation of India
96.                        IFR Investment Fluctuation Reserve Account
97.                        IFS International Financial Statistics
98.                        IGLS Iterative Generalized Least Squares
99.                        IIBI Industrial Investment Bank of India
100.                   IIP Index of Industrial Production
101.                   IIP/InIP International Investment Position
102.                   IMD India Millennium Deposits
103.                   IMF International Monetary Fund
104.                   IOTT Input-Output Transaction Table
105.                   IRBI Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
106.                   ISDA International Swaps and Derivative Association
107.                   ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification
108.                   ISO International Standards Organization
109.                   ITRS International Transaction Reporting System
110.                   IWGEDS International Working Group on External Debt Statistics
111.                   KVIC Khadi & Village Industries Corporation
112.                   LAF Liquidity Adjustment Facility
113.                   LAMPS Large-sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
114.                   LAS Loan & Advances by States
115.                   LBD Land Development Bank
116.                   LBS Locational Banking Statistics
117.                   LERMS Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System
118.                   LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India
119.                   LTO Long Term Operation
120.                   M1 Narrow Money
121.                   M3 Broad Money
122.                   MA Moving Average
123.                   MCA Ministry of Company Affairs
124.                   MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
125.                   MIS Management Information System
126.                   MMSE Minimum Mean Squared Errors
127.                   MRM Monitoring and Review Mechanism
128.                   MSS Market Stabilisation Scheme
129.                   MTM Mark-To-Market
130.                   NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
131.                   NAIO Non Administratively Independent Office
132.                   NAS National Account Statistics
133.                   NASSCOM National Association of Software and Services Companies
134.                   NBC Non-Banking Companies
135.                   NBFC Non Banking Financial Companies
136.                   NEC Not Elsewhere Classified
137.                   NEER Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
138.                   NFA Non-Foreign Exchange Assets
139.                   NFD Net Fiscal Deficit
140.                   NGO Non-Governmental Organization
141.                   NHB National Housing Bank
142.                   NIC National Industrial Classification
143.                   NIF Note Issuance Facility
144.                   NNML Net Non-Monetary Liabilities
145.                   NPA Non-Performing Assets
146.                   NPD Net Primary Deficit
147.                   NPRB Net Primary Revenue Balance
148.                   NPV Net Present Value
149.                   NR(E)RA Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account
150.                   NR(NR)RA Non-Resident (Non-Repatriable) Rupee Account
151.                   NRE Non-Resident External
152.                   NRG Non-Resident Government
153.                   NRI Non-Resident Indian
154.                   NSC National Statistical Commission
155.                   NSSF National Small Savings Fund
156.                   ODA Official Development Assistance
157.                   OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
158.                   OECO Organisaton for Economic Co-operation
159.                   OFI Other Financial Institutions
160.                   OLTAS OnLine Tax Accounting System
161.                   OMO Open Market Operations
162.                   OSCB Other Indian Scheduled Commercial Bank
163.                   PACF Partial Auto-Correlation Function
164.                   PACS Primary Agriculture Credit Societies
165.                   PCARDB Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
166.                   PD Primary Deficit
167.                   PDAI Primary Dealers Association of India
168.                   PDO Public Debt Office
169.                   PDO-NDS Public Debt Office-cum-Negotiated Dealing System
170.                   PDs Primary Dealers
171.                   PES Public Enterprises Survey
172.                   PF Provident Fund
173.                   PIO Persons of Indian Origin
174.                   PRB Primary Revenue Balance
175.                   PSE Public Sector Enterprises
176.                   PUC Paid Up Capital
177.                   QRR Quick Review Report
178.                   RD Revenue Deficit
179.                   RDBMS Relational Database Management System
180.                   RE Revenue Expenditure
181.                   REC Rural Electrification Corporation
182.                   REER Real Effective Exchange Rate
183.                   RFC Residents Foreign Currency
184.                   RIB Resurgent India Bonds
185.                   RIDF Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
186.                   RLA Recoveries of Loans & Advances
187.                   RLC Repayment of Loans to CentreRPA Rupee Payment Area
188.                   RPCD Rural Planning and Credit Department, RBI
189.                   RR Revenue Receipts
190.                   RRB Regional Rural Bank
191.                   RTP Reserve Tranche Position
192.                   RUF Revolving Underwriting Facility
193.                   RWA Risk Weighted Asset
194.                   SAM Social Accounting Matrix
195.                   SAS Statistical Analysis System
196.                   SCARDB State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
197.                   SCB State Cooperative Bank
198.                   SCB Scheduled Commercial Bank
199.                   SCS Size Class Strata
200.                   SDDS Special Data Dissemination Standards
201.                   SDR Special Drawing Right
202.                   SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India
203.                   SEBs State Electricity Boards
204.                   SFC State Financial Corporation
205.                   SGL Subsidiary General Ledger Abbreviations
206.                   SGSY Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarrojgar Yojana
207.                   SHGs Self-Help Groups
208.                   SIDBI Small Industries Development Bank of India
209.                   SIDC State Industrial Development Corporation
210.                   SI-SPA Systems Improvement Scheme under Special Project Agriculture
211.                   SJSRY Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana
212.                   SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
213.                   SLRS Scheme for Liberation & Rehabilitation of Scavangers
214.                   SMG Standing Monitoring Group
215.                   SNA System of National Accounts
216.                   SRWTO Small road & Water Transport Operators
217.                   SSI Small-Scale Industries
218.                   SSSBEs Small Scale Service & Business Enterprises
219.                   SWG Second Working Group on Money Supply
220.                   UBB Uniform Balance Book
221.                   UBD Urban Banks Department
222.                   UCB Urban Cooperative Bank
223.                   UCN Uniform Code Number
224.                   UTI Unit Trust of India
225.                   VC Venture Capital
226.                   WGMS Working Group on Money Supply:
227.                   WPI Wholesale Price Index
228.                   WSS Weekly Statistical Supplement
229.                   YTM Yield to Maturity
List 1- for quick study

Computer Terminology & Short Terms {PO & Clerk} Chapter 02

Computer Terminology & Short Terms  Chapter -02 {Important Computer notes for IBPS SBI PO, Clerk & Other competition exams}- Some important terms, full form and used term which may be asked in upcoming examination i.e. SBI Associate PO, IBPS PO & Clerk online test. Candidate can also download computer terminology in PDF also &PDF link is available in bottom of article.

  • Duplex channel: A communication channel that allows data to be
  • transmitted in both directions simultaneously
  • Encoder: A small tabletop electronic machine which is a combination of electronic typewriter and calculator – functions: encode numeric data in the MICR in desired font; print a listing of amounts of all instructions with batch/grand totals; zeroproofing place clearing endorsement, stamp on the reverse of instruments
  • Image: A copy in memory of data that exists elsewhere
  • Interface: A common boundary between two systems, devices or programmes
  • Lock: A key or other group of characters that allows access to specified storage locations or software systems
  • Login: To enter the necessary information like personal identification number – PIN and/or password to begin a session on a terminal
  • Menu: The list of options may be displayed with a sign code opposite each. The selection may then be made by keying the single code. The method provides simple way of guiding a user through a complex situation by presenting a sequence of simpler decisions
  • Main memory: Storage located in the computer for programmes, along with their data, while they are being executed
  • MICR: Abbreviation for magnetic ink character recognition. A process in which data printed in ink containing ferromagnetic particles is read by magnetic read heads
  • Modem: Acronym for modulator demodulator – a device that converts digital data output from another device into analog data that can be transmitted over communication lines or vice versa.
  • OCR: Abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition
  • Output device: A device that can provide for only the output of data, such as a printer or card punch
  • Password: A group of characters by which a user is uniquely identified, when logging on to a terminal or when submitting a programme for execution
  • Real Time: The time that passes on an ordinary clock
  • Scan: To examine sequentially all the records in a file in order to find those whose keys meet a specified criterion
  • Soft Copy: Output that is displayed on the screen of a video display unit
  • SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
  • VDU: Abbreviation for Visual Display Unit
  • Bandwidth: How much stuff you can send through a connection. Usually measured in bits per second
  • Beta: Preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product: “a beta version beta software.
Download PDF file of the above material 
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IBPS PO Expected GK Questions Topics (18, 19 October & 1, 2 November 2019)

IBPS had been conducted PO examination on 11 & 12 October 2019. In the previous online examination asked GK topics were different. Based on last week exams review, IBPS7 prepared expected GK questions format/topics.  Candidates who will be appeared in upcoming PO/MT examination, advised that should be follow all topics and read at least two times. PO exam format will be same for upcoming weeks online test so read and prepare notes of following topics. Candidates can also read out “GK Power Capsule, GK questions which were asked in last week PO online test, RRB officer scale questions”.

IBPS PO GK Expected Questions Pattern (18, 19 October & 1, 2 November 2019) 

  • 1 Question about state capital
  • 1 Question about country capital
  • 1 question from currency (this time they has asked in negative way i.e. which one haven’t Euro currency) Note- Remember all countries names which have dolor, Euro, Ruppe, Rial, Real and peso currencies
  • Nobel Winners Name (1 Question) – Know More
  • Full form of banking terms (2 Questions)
  • Latest award winner names and their field like that related to which sports
  • Question on Swachh Bhart Abhiyan
  • Question on HudHud
  • Question on latest banking scheme
  • Bank’s tagline
  • Recentally appointed governer, CM, CJI and department head
  • 1 questions from census 2019 (highest density, sex ratio, education ratio, most populated state etc )
  • One question from “Phla Kadam, Pahli udan” SBI minor accoonut scheme
  • One Question from JANDHAN YOJNA
  • One question from book author name
Note- Read last six month GK and above topics. 

Computer Terminology & Short Terms {PO & Clerk} Chapter 04

Computer Terminology & Short Terms {PO & Clerk} Chapter 04, IBPS SBI PO, Clerk & Other competition Exam Chapter 04, Check {PO & Clerk} Chapter 04 Exam Syllabus.
Computer Terminology & Short Terms  Chapter -04 {Important Computer notes for IBPS SBI PO, Clerk & Other competition exams}- Some important terms, full form and used term which may be asked in upcoming examination i.e. SBI Associate PO, IBPS PO & Clerk online test. Candidate can also download computer terminology in PDF also &PDF link is available in bottom of article
  • Dedicated line: It is a phone line meant specifically for one thing, like being attached to a computer
  • Demodulation: It is the process of converting analog information into digital information
  • DLL: Dynamic Link Library
  • DNS: Domain Name Server – it is the system used on the internet for maping names to the actual numerical addresses of machines on the Internet
  • DOS: Disc Operating System
  • Domain name: A name that identifies one or more IP addresses
  • Driver: A program that controls a device. Every device, whether it can be a printer, disk drive, or keyboard must have one driver program
  • EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
  • Email: Stands for electronic mail. It is a system of relaying messages across the Internet from one internet user to another
  • Encryption: It is the process of converting data into “unreadable code” so that unauthorized people cannot understand the contents
  • Ethernet: A networking system that enables high speed data communication over coaxial cables
  • Executable file: A file in a format that the computer can directly execute
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface
  • FTP: File transfer protocol
  • HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
  •  Icon: A small video display that acts as an activation link when clicked on
  • ISP: Internet service provider
  • ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
Download PDF file of the above material 
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Computer Terminology Chapter 5 PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna) Official Portal/Website PMJDY Official website, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna Dedicated portal web address is
Department of financial services (DFS) in the finance ministry launched official website for Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna on Monday 27 October 2019. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna is well known as PMJDY so its portal name is . This official dedicated portal is available in both languages Hindi & English. According to official date on 09-08-2019, A total of 30248406 accounts have been opened and on Oct 22, a total of 6.47 crore accounts have been opened with a deposit of Rs 4,813.59 crore under the scheme. Secretary in the department of financial services (DFS) in the finance ministry name is GS Sandhu has been launched dedicated portal.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna Benefits of Jan Dhan Yojana

  • You can open account for zero balance saving mode.
  • Account holder will receive a kit containing cheque book, financial literacy and pass book. However this would vary from bank to bank and account usage.
  • Every account holder will get RuPay Debit card (which is India’s domestic debit card) included in the welcome kit. You can read benefits of rupay card here. RuPay card can also be used for eCommerce transactions.
  • Person will also get Aadhar number on the spot.
  • Family of account holder will get accident insurance cover of Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Life cover of Rs. 30, 000 was declared as an incentive for those opening the account by 26 January 2019. This life cover would be provided by India’s largest insurance company – Life Insurance Corporation of India.
  • Overdraft (loan) facility of Rs. 5000 would be provided once account holder completes 6 months and has kept account active.
  • Loan amount would be increased to Rs. 15,000 if repayment is done on-time by the person. Ofcourse this would depend on each bank.
  • Overdraft facility would benefit individuals who had been relying on money lenders charging high interest rates.
  • However in order to avoid overdraft frauds, only Aadhar linked accounts would be eligible for overdraft facility.
  • Farmers dependency on money lenders would reduce as they’ve been relying on money lenders especially in rural areas. Once trapped by money lenders, whole family’s future is ruined.
  • Mobile banking would be available and technical platform will be built connecting all the banks and telecom operators so that customers can access mobile banking facility with ease.
  • Account holder will also get interest on deposit and access to pension and insurance products

Official Website


Tips & Tricks to Remember GK for IBPS RRB PO Clerk Exams 2019

Hello Friends, In most of the competition exams, General Knowledge section is very important. GK is playing important role in cut-off marks. Many students are the expert into mathematics & reasoning. South Indian candidates are also expert in English but GK & GA are the weakness of many guys. 

Many exams have GK or GA sections. Candidate should be prepared GK for upcoming bank exam i.e. IBPS RRB officer Scale, IBPS RRB Assistant, IBPS PO & Clerk.

Tips & Tricks To remember GK for IBPS RRB PO Clerk Exams

In this post, we are going to present some tips & tricks to remember GKeasily. Most of the students said that “Gyan Dena koi bdi bat nhi, tips se kuchh nhi hota ”. But I am saying that if you follow these tips than you can carry good marks in competition exams.
You cannot be the master in one day or one month. You should be regular with newspaper, magazine and other sources. General knowledge makes good sense humor like that Kapil Sharma have great General knowledge.
Some tips to remember GK easily –
  • Read with interest
  • Discuss with your friends.
  • Read GK loudly because human mind easily capture sound
  • Read news paper regularly and read complete news
  • Make daily notes on GK because writing gives remember power
  • Apply in daily life and co-relate with daily life things
  • Read weekly and monthly magazine related to general knowledge.
  • When you free and sitting with your friends, lover & parents, should be discuss at least one GK/GA topic daily.  
Note- candidate can comment here. Give your valuable suggestion, tips & tricks.

Banking Abbreviations – IBPS Clerk, PO & SBI Clerk, PO Banking GK

Banking Abbreviations – IBPS Clerk, PO & SBI Clerk, PO Banking GK
IBPS7 team is publishing banking abbreviations which are important for banking exams. You can check out previous papers of IBPS clerk exams where 3& 4 questions were asked related to this topic. You should be read all banking terms and other short forms for IBPS & SBI exams. You can also download this matter in PDF. You can also visit “Banking GK Power Capsule & previous year papers of clerk.”
List 1- for quick study {Read at least 3 times}
        CRR – cash reserve ratio
        SLR – Statutory Liquidity Ratio
        EXIM bank – export and import bank of India
        NABARD – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural development
        SIDBI – small industries development bank of India
        EDP – entrepreneurship development programme
        SMERA – SME rating agency of India Limited
        NBFC – Non banking finance companies
        NEFT – National electronic funds transfer
        RTGS – real time gross settlement
        Narrow banking is a system of banking under which a bank places its funds only in 100 percent risk free assets with maturity matching for its liabilities.
        NPA – non performing assets
        CAR means capital adequacy ratio
        KYC means know your customer guidelines
        IPO – Initial public offer
        QIB – qualified institutional buyers
        SEBI – securities and exchange board of India
        MICR – magnetic ink character recognition
        NSE – national stock exchange

        BCSBI – Banking codes and standards board of India
        FEDAI – Foreign exchange dealers association of India
        ALCO – asset liability committee
        ALM – asset liability management
        FCNR – foreign currency non resident deposit accounts
        CDRS – Corporate debt restructuring
        IDRBT – Institute for development and research of banking technology
        YTM – yield to maturity
        IRDA – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
        ECB External Commercial Borrowing
        ECGC Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
        ECS Electronic Clearing Scheme

List 2- For Deep Study
 Check out 230 abbreviations for deep study. It is important for banking exams & interviews i.e. IBPS clerk, SBI clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Associate banks PO & clerk. 

Local Area Bank & NBFC Related Banking GK Notes – -IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB Officer Scale & Office Assistant -Chapter 04

Important Banking Notes on Local Area Banks and NBFC (Non Banking Financial Companies), Important for IBPS Clerk, PO and IBPS RRB officer Scale & Office Assistant exam 2019, IBPS Clerk, PO and SBI Clerk, PO Important Bullet Points on Local Area Banks & NBFC –
Local Area Banks – Banking GK
·         Local area banks were established on 24.08.1996
·        They were set up in the private sector to cater to credit needs of the local people and to provide efficient and competitive financial intermediation services in their area of operation
·        They are required to observe the priority sector lending target of 40  percent of net bank credit, as applicable to other domestic banks, out of which 25 percent shall be given to weaker sections
·        They were registered as public limited companies as per Companies act, 1956.
·        They got licence as per Banking regulation act 1949
·        Included in the second schedule to RBI act, 1934
·        They have the minimum paid up capital of Rs. 5 crore
·        Promoters’ contribution to be Rs 2 crores.
·        They can be promoted by individuals, corporate entities, trusts and societies
·         The area of operation of local area bank shall be a maximum of three geographically contiguous districts.
·         To comply with the provisions of the Banking Regulation act, 1949, RBI act, 1934 and other statutes
·        They are subject to prudential norms, accounting policies and other policies laid down by RBI

Non Banking Finance Companies

·         NBFCs consist of eight categories – each one of them conducting a particular business activity
·        Equipment leasing company undertakes equipment leasing or the financing of such activity
·        Hire purchase finance company is engaged in hire purchase transaction or the financing of such transactions
·        Loan company provides finance by making loans or advances or otherwise for any activity other than its own.
·        The main business of any investment company is the acquisition of securities and trading in such securities to earn a profit
·        Mutual Benefit Financial Company are the companies which are notified by the Central Government under section 620 A of the companies act 1956
·        Miscellaneous non banking company – the principal business of such company is managing, conducting or supervising as a promoter, foreman or agent of any transaction or arrangement by which the company enters into an agreement
·        Housing finance company – acquisition of construction of houses including the acquisition or development of plots of land
·        Residuary non banking company – receives deposits under any scheme or arrangement by whatever name called in one lump sum or in installments by way of contributions or subscriptions or by sale of units or certificates or other instruments or in any manner.
·         Effective 4.3.2003, NBFCs are not allowed to offer more than 11 percent per annum interest on public deposit
·        No official agency guarantees or undertakes the repayment of deposits or interest
·        NBFC deposits are uninsured and not backed by security
·        They are not allowed to offer more than 2 percent brokerage
·        They are not allowed to offer gifts or incentives
·         All depositors must be issued proper receipts for deposits
·         NBFCs having track record of less than 2 years is not eligible to accept public deposits
·        NBFCs seeking public deposit should be a profit making company

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06 December 2019 Current Affairs & GK

06 December 2019 Current Affairs & GK

1. Arun Duggal appointed as non-executive Chairman of Credit rating agency ICRA

2.ICICI Bank, the country’s largest private sector lender, has tied up with Zopper, an e-commerce app for offline and online price comparison.

3.Orion spacecraft marks dawn of new chapter in space exploration: US

4.American, South African hostages killed in Yemen

5.The Fifth World Cup Kabaddi begins on 06 December at Jalandhar in Punjab. 19 teams from 15 nations are participating in the tournament. These include 11 Men’s and 8

women’s teams.

6.PSU bank ATMs will be able to print in Hindi soon

7.Ashton Carter new US defense secretary

8.Senior IAS officer Dinesh Kumar was today appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Polavaram Project Authority.

9.ICICI Bank sells Russian subsidiary to Sovcombank