How to apply for granting family pension on the death of Government servant, pensioner, and family pensioner

How to apply for granting family pension on the death of Government servant, pensioner, and family pensioner, Pesion Grant Application Process, How to apply for Family Pension using Form No.14

How to claim Family Pension with Form 14:- In a general case, family pension to spouse is sanctioned and authorized at the time pension is authorized in favour of retiring government servant and indicated in the pension payment order. It  is to be drawn after the death of the pensioner. However, if the Govt. servant gets expired during the service period, the widow or widower has to apply in Form 14 (of CCS Pension Rules) to the Head of Office concerned. They will sanction and authorize the family pension through its Pay & Accounts Officer.

Where the deceased Govt. servant is survived only by a child or children, the guardian (in case of minor child/children) or such child or children may submit a claim in Form 14 to the Head of Office for sanction and authorization of family pension. To get family pension, the deceased pensioner’s family need to apply in Form no.14 along with a copy of the death certificate of the deceased Pensioner to:

  1. The Pension Disbursing Authority (if the amount of family pension is already indicated in the Pension Payment order)
  2. The Head Office for sanction of family pension (In rest of the cases)

सरकारी कर्मचारी की मृत्यु के बाद पारिवारिक पेंशन पाने के लिए आवेदन कैसे करें  ?

सामान्य तौर पर पेंशन पेंशनधारी के जीवनसाथी को प्राधिकृत तभी कर दिया जाता है जबकि यह पेंशनधारी को अधिकृत किया जा रहा होता है और इसका उल्लेख पेंशन भुगतान क्रम में कर दिया जाता है | पेंशनधारी की मृत्यु के बाद उसका जीवनसाथी  इसे प्राप्त कर सकता है | यदि सरकारी कर्मचारी की मृत्यु कार्यकाल में ही हो जाए तो ऐसी स्थिति में कर्मचारी की विधवा या विधुर  फॉर्म संख्या १४ को पूर्णतः भर कर केंद्रीय पेंशन लेखा विभाग में जमा करा सकते हैं | विभाग के अधिकारी निर्धारित जाँच एवं कुछ अवधि के बाद पेंशन का भुगतान कर देंगे |

यदि कर्मचारी के केवल संतान ही हों तो कर्मचारी की मृत्यु  के बाद फॉर्म संख्या १४ को भरकर पेंशन दानकर्ता के पास जमा करा सकते हैं | ध्यान रहे के ऐसा सिर्फ उसी स्थिति में संभव है जब की पेंशन की राशि पेंशन भुगतान क्रम में पहले ही उल्लेखित हो अन्य सभी स्थितियों में आपको यह फॉर्म मुख्य शाखा में जमा करवाना होगा |

 Various categories of Central Civil Pensioners and Pension Rules

List of Documents to be submitted for grant of Family Pension

Authorized Department: Central Pension Accounting Office

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IBPS PO Expected GK Questions Topics (18, 19 October & 1, 2 November 2019)

IBPS had been conducted PO examination on 11 & 12 October 2019. In the previous online examination asked GK topics were different. Based on last week exams review, IBPS7 prepared expected GK questions format/topics.  Candidates who will be appeared in upcoming PO/MT examination, advised that should be follow all topics and read at least two times. PO exam format will be same for upcoming weeks online test so read and prepare notes of following topics. Candidates can also read out “GK Power Capsule, GK questions which were asked in last week PO online test, RRB officer scale questions”.

IBPS PO GK Expected Questions Pattern (18, 19 October & 1, 2 November 2019) 

  • 1 Question about state capital
  • 1 Question about country capital
  • 1 question from currency (this time they has asked in negative way i.e. which one haven’t Euro currency) Note- Remember all countries names which have dolor, Euro, Ruppe, Rial, Real and peso currencies
  • Nobel Winners Name (1 Question) – Know More
  • Full form of banking terms (2 Questions)
  • Latest award winner names and their field like that related to which sports
  • Question on Swachh Bhart Abhiyan
  • Question on HudHud
  • Question on latest banking scheme
  • Bank’s tagline
  • Recentally appointed governer, CM, CJI and department head
  • 1 questions from census 2019 (highest density, sex ratio, education ratio, most populated state etc )
  • One question from “Phla Kadam, Pahli udan” SBI minor accoonut scheme
  • One Question from JANDHAN YOJNA
  • One question from book author name
Note- Read last six month GK and above topics. 

Tips & Tricks to Remember GK for IBPS RRB PO Clerk Exams 2019

Hello Friends, In most of the competition exams, General Knowledge section is very important. GK is playing important role in cut-off marks. Many students are the expert into mathematics & reasoning. South Indian candidates are also expert in English but GK & GA are the weakness of many guys. 

Many exams have GK or GA sections. Candidate should be prepared GK for upcoming bank exam i.e. IBPS RRB officer Scale, IBPS RRB Assistant, IBPS PO & Clerk.

Tips & Tricks To remember GK for IBPS RRB PO Clerk Exams

In this post, we are going to present some tips & tricks to remember GKeasily. Most of the students said that “Gyan Dena koi bdi bat nhi, tips se kuchh nhi hota ”. But I am saying that if you follow these tips than you can carry good marks in competition exams.
You cannot be the master in one day or one month. You should be regular with newspaper, magazine and other sources. General knowledge makes good sense humor like that Kapil Sharma have great General knowledge.
Some tips to remember GK easily –
  • Read with interest
  • Discuss with your friends.
  • Read GK loudly because human mind easily capture sound
  • Read news paper regularly and read complete news
  • Make daily notes on GK because writing gives remember power
  • Apply in daily life and co-relate with daily life things
  • Read weekly and monthly magazine related to general knowledge.
  • When you free and sitting with your friends, lover & parents, should be discuss at least one GK/GA topic daily.  
Note- candidate can comment here. Give your valuable suggestion, tips & tricks.

IBPS PO GK Power Capsule 2019 Hindi Download- PO GK Important Topics

IBPS PO GK Power Capsule 2019 Hindi Download- PO GK Important Topics, Download IBPS Probationary Officers Exam Capsule on the official website.

Dear readers, IBPS PO examination flagged off from October to November 2019. IBPS  is sharing GK power capsule for PO examination. We are sharing some important topics & content which may be asked in upcoming online exam. So candidates are advised that they should read these topics carefully to get good score in GK section.

Our team observed last year papers of Probationary Officers than decided to lunch GK power capsule i.e. collection of topics which are important for IBPS PO & clerk examination 2019. So guys read following topics and remember all data, important persons from these topics.

Download Section (PDF file)

IBPS PO GA Questions  (Morning Shift)

IBPS PO GA Questions (Evening Shift)

IBPS PO GK Power Capsule Download Hindi & English

Remember the name of Nobel winner of Physics, Chemistry, Science, Peace, and Literature & Economic Sciences in year 2019 – Know More

ASIAN Games 2019 Medal Winners (Specially Gold), Indian flag bearer, how many number of medals won India?, Next & previous host of this games,

Commonwealth Games medal winner name, total medals, Next & previous host of this games,

CLT-20 2019 winner name, Man of the series /player of the tournament

Head/chief of Indian Department’s which are related to finance, Securities and ministry

PM/ presidents of various countries which were elected in last 6 months

Indian Ministry heads name (well known as ministers)

Legislative assembly Elections in two States i.e. Haryana, Maharashtra

All main points about “Swachh Bhart Abhiyan”

Latest News about RBI, Banking Field

Recently appointed Governors, CJI, Army Chief, high courts

GDP, Economy rates & all banks rates (SLR, REPO etc)

Important points about union budget & Railway Budget 2019

Important points about census 2019

India’s Position in various indexes across worlds

Indian PM Visit, Speech & America tour main points

Meeting /Submit of various countries organizations i.e. BRICS, G8, G7 etc

Head & head quarter of various world organizations i.e. WTO, WHO etc

Latest Award & Honor i.e. Oscar, film fare etc

Latest Government schemes

India’s deals with foreign countries

Foreign countries heads / department who were visited India

Banking Terms full form

Note- We will upload all above points with expiations (in Hindi also) & short tricks. So book mark this page, share on Facebook, Google plus and other social networks.