Computer Terminology & Short Terms {Important for PO & Clerk} – Chapter 1

Computer Terminology & Short Terms {IBPS PO & Clerk} Chapter 1– Some important terms, full form and used term which may be asked in upcoming examination i.e. SBI Associate PO, IBPS PO & Clerk online test. Candidate can also download computer terminology in PDF also &PDF link is available in bottom of article.
  • HTTP- Hyper Text Transport Protocol
  • URL- Universal Resource Locator
  • TCP- Transmission Control Protocol
  • Access: To store or retrieve data
  • IP- Internet Protocol
  • Application: A system, such as a payroll, that has been defined to be suitable for electronic data processing techniques
  • www- world wide web
  • Archived file: A file that has been transferred to a lower level in the memory hierarchy, usually from magnetic disc to magnetic tape, may be as a result of operations of appropriate resource management
  • Addon: Circuits, systems, or hardware devices that can be attached to a computer to increase its memory or improve its performance
  • KB – kilo bite
  • MB – mega bite
  • GB – giga bite
  • TB- Tera Bite
  • Array: A group of two or more logically related elements identified by a single name; generally stored in consecutive storage locations in main memory
  • Audit trail: A permanent record of every transaction taken by a computer system, indicating for example, when users log in and out, what transaction they perform, when files are accessed and the type of access. Examination of this record provides a way of observing patterns of security violation and/or serves as a deterrent to violations
  • Availability: The ratio of time a device is operating correctly to the total scheduled time for operating
  • Back office operations: Operation that does not involve direct interaction with customers
  • Back up: A resource that is, or can be used as a substitute when a primary resource fails or when a file has been corrupted
  • Bar code: A printed machine readable code that consists of parallel bars of varied width and spacing. The application most commonly observed is the coding on food and goods that is read at the checkout and translated into a line of print on the bill showing product and cost
  • Batch processing: A method of organizing work for a computer system, designed to reduce overheads by grouping together similar jobs
  • Bit: Contraction of binary digit
  • Bug: An error or mistake in a programme
  • Byte: 8 bits
  • Character: An alphabetic letter, a digit or a special symbol
  • Chip: A small section of a single crystal of semiconductor usually silicon, that forms the substrate upon which is fabricated a single semiconductor device or all the individual devices comprising an integrated circuit
  • Configuration: The particular hardware elements and their interconnection in a computer system for a particular period of operation
  • Debug: To trace and correct errors in programming code or hardware malfunctions in a computer system
  • Downtime: The percentage of time that a computer system is not available for use
  • Dummy: An artificial instruction, address etc. used only to fulfill specification in a programme but not actually performing a function
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