Computer Terminology & Short Terms {PO & Clerk} Chapter 02

Computer Terminology & Short Terms  Chapter -02 {Important Computer notes for IBPS SBI PO, Clerk & Other competition exams}- Some important terms, full form and used term which may be asked in upcoming examination i.e. SBI Associate PO, IBPS PO & Clerk online test. Candidate can also download computer terminology in PDF also &PDF link is available in bottom of article.

  • Duplex channel: A communication channel that allows data to be
  • transmitted in both directions simultaneously
  • Encoder: A small tabletop electronic machine which is a combination of electronic typewriter and calculator – functions: encode numeric data in the MICR in desired font; print a listing of amounts of all instructions with batch/grand totals; zeroproofing place clearing endorsement, stamp on the reverse of instruments
  • Image: A copy in memory of data that exists elsewhere
  • Interface: A common boundary between two systems, devices or programmes
  • Lock: A key or other group of characters that allows access to specified storage locations or software systems
  • Login: To enter the necessary information like personal identification number – PIN and/or password to begin a session on a terminal
  • Menu: The list of options may be displayed with a sign code opposite each. The selection may then be made by keying the single code. The method provides simple way of guiding a user through a complex situation by presenting a sequence of simpler decisions
  • Main memory: Storage located in the computer for programmes, along with their data, while they are being executed
  • MICR: Abbreviation for magnetic ink character recognition. A process in which data printed in ink containing ferromagnetic particles is read by magnetic read heads
  • Modem: Acronym for modulator demodulator – a device that converts digital data output from another device into analog data that can be transmitted over communication lines or vice versa.
  • OCR: Abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition
  • Output device: A device that can provide for only the output of data, such as a printer or card punch
  • Password: A group of characters by which a user is uniquely identified, when logging on to a terminal or when submitting a programme for execution
  • Real Time: The time that passes on an ordinary clock
  • Scan: To examine sequentially all the records in a file in order to find those whose keys meet a specified criterion
  • Soft Copy: Output that is displayed on the screen of a video display unit
  • SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
  • VDU: Abbreviation for Visual Display Unit
  • Bandwidth: How much stuff you can send through a connection. Usually measured in bits per second
  • Beta: Preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product: “a beta version beta software.
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