Computer Terminology & Short Terms {PO & Clerk} Chapter 04

Computer Terminology & Short Terms {PO & Clerk} Chapter 04, IBPS SBI PO, Clerk & Other competition Exam Chapter 04, Check {PO & Clerk} Chapter 04 Exam Syllabus.
Computer Terminology & Short Terms  Chapter -04 {Important Computer notes for IBPS SBI PO, Clerk & Other competition exams}- Some important terms, full form and used term which may be asked in upcoming examination i.e. SBI Associate PO, IBPS PO & Clerk online test. Candidate can also download computer terminology in PDF also &PDF link is available in bottom of article
  • Dedicated line: It is a phone line meant specifically for one thing, like being attached to a computer
  • Demodulation: It is the process of converting analog information into digital information
  • DLL: Dynamic Link Library
  • DNS: Domain Name Server – it is the system used on the internet for maping names to the actual numerical addresses of machines on the Internet
  • DOS: Disc Operating System
  • Domain name: A name that identifies one or more IP addresses
  • Driver: A program that controls a device. Every device, whether it can be a printer, disk drive, or keyboard must have one driver program
  • EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
  • Email: Stands for electronic mail. It is a system of relaying messages across the Internet from one internet user to another
  • Encryption: It is the process of converting data into “unreadable code” so that unauthorized people cannot understand the contents
  • Ethernet: A networking system that enables high speed data communication over coaxial cables
  • Executable file: A file in a format that the computer can directly execute
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface
  • FTP: File transfer protocol
  • HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
  •  Icon: A small video display that acts as an activation link when clicked on
  • ISP: Internet service provider
  • ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
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