How to deposit RS 500 & RS 1000 Notes in Banks

How to deposit RS 500 & RS 1000 Notes in Banks: This is the shocking news for every person Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in nation this is the emergency address speech by the PM Modi. Rupees of 500 and 1000rs notes are to be discontinued for today midnight in whole country. All people of the nation is shocked by the PM Narendra Modi decision but this is the right decision against the Bank money and Corruption in India. So, according to me good job by PM Modi against Black Money.

All the person call deposits his 500rs and 1000rs notes before the 30 December 2019 to his nearest branch. This decision has been made by the present government (Bhartiya Janta Party) under the Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi Ji who says, IMF and World Bank states India is an economic star now.

Deposit Banned 500rs 1000rs Notes in Bank- India banned Rs 500, 1000 Note

Government of India banned the 500rs and 1000rs notes for today midnight this decision made up by PM Modi and Present Government. According to this decision India GOVT will finding the 1.2 lakh crore Back Money (Hiding Money by People). PM and India Government Believes that this decision makes Black Money Market and Corruption will down. We also can say that is will be covert the black money into white money.

Everyone can withdrawal Rs 2000 from ATM and Rs 10,000 from bank account in a day and Rs 20,000 in a week, Patel said there will be no impact on liquidity in the markets including financial markets.

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New Rs 2000 Note Announced by PM Modi

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Government of India announced the new note of Rs 2000. New note of Rs 2000 will available from 11 November 2019 in all Banks and ATMs. Here we provide the look and design of Rs 2000. This note will be available in Pink color behind of the note mangal yaan will be printed. For more details check blow given image.

How to Deposit RS 500 & RS 1000 Notes in Banks?

  • First of all you need you Id proofs
  • Carry your Id proofs in banks
  • Fill the slip of Cash Deposit correctly
  • Fill the all details like Ac no. Total Rs etc
  • And submit it on cash deposit counter

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