GK Question Asked in RBI Grade B Officer Exam 2019

Hello Friends, My name is Seema Choudhary. I was appeared in RBI grade B officer exam . I am from Delhi & my examination center was Krishna Vihar, Near Peetam Pura Metro Station Delhi. I am sharing question, which were asked in examination in General Awareness section. Please comment here your opinion & attempted questions.

RBI Grade B Officer Examination Asked Question

  • One question about currency i.e. Green back currency is which country currency —— USA
  • Bharatiya Mahila Bank loan to women’s up to how much ——— 1 Crore
  • Who is World Bank President ……….Answer … Dr. Jim Yong Kim. Jim Yong Kim, M.D., Ph.D., became the 12th President of the World Bank Group on July 1, 2019.
  • Narendra Modi first visit to which country? ,,,,,, Answer …. Bhutan
  •  Current Finance Minister in cabinet ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Arun Jetlay
  •  SBI has how many associates present ……… 5 Banks
  •  Banking Ombudsman for how much money reward will be given
  • Gautam Budda birth place……. Lumbini Nepal
  • Vinobha Bhave, Jaya Prakash Narayana, Verghese Kurien are which award recipients?

  • FIFA world cup final match was held in?
  • Which cabinet minister defeated in Lok Sabha Elections?
  • Asia first Nobel Prize Winner
  • Newly formed district in Maharastra
  • Present RBI Governor succeeded by?
  • Which of the following is market regulator?
  • Housing loan according to new budget
  • One question who among the following is not an economist?
  • Monuments not there in delhi (5 monuments are given humayun tomb,jantar mantar,bibi ka …….) ,,,,,,, Answer is Jantar Manter ,,, which is suited in Jaipur
  • ENT surgeon in cabinet ministers
  • Dada Saheb Phalke award winner 2019
  • What is the job of IMF?
  • Which of the following is a negotiable instrument?
  • Recently Mumbai has heavy rainfall – what is that cyclone name
  • World’s first new paper was printed in which country
  • Some countries currencies are given identify wrong one…(Myanmar,Syria,Iran,Iraq,)
  • 5 countries their capitals given identify wrong one(Zimbabwe,Kenya,Indonesia……)
  • What is introduced by RBI to control inflation? a) SLR b) CRR c) REPO d) Bank Rate e) None
  • On what basis inflation will decide? options like cost price of items ,income tax etc.
  • Which of the following works banks not do? a)money management b) acts head of all banks c) forex reserves
  • Uttarakhand disaster recovery which bank helped?
  • Options given for RTGS – choose wrong one?(see inter banks transfer available or not….,mobile is there or not like that)
  • one basis point is equal to given in options point values llike
  • Relationship between customer and banker in credit card?
  • Which of the following is not come under RBI? a)NBFC b) Mutual Fund like that options
  • World Father Day
  • Author of the book “Low Land” ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Answer  ……Jhumpa Lahiri
  • Which of the following function not done by commodity exchange?
  • Who is known as “Pancham Daa”?
  • FDI meaning complete depth ?
  •  Which of the following is indirect tax? a)surcharge on income tax b)income tax c)excise duty d)corporate tax
  • NEFT also 5 options based question
  • SKEWED (synonym)
  •  UK based knight hood award recipient ?
  • Which of the following is scheduled commercial bank?
  • Which is intangible asset(some typical options like banks bonds,banks loans etc.)
  •  Which world site may loose its UNESCO world heritage site status?

My Opinion About Question Paper & How it was-

S.n Subject Attempted Question (Average ) Expected Cut-off
  English 20 Out of 30 9-10
2. GK 65 OUT of 80 60+
       3. Reasoning 40 Out of 60 40+
4. Aptitude 18 Out of 130 15
5. Overall 130 to 140 question 125+

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